Monday, August 01, 2005

Talking about food

Distracts me from my actual problems

Today just sucks, and hard. I guess really it doesn't, I mean it's Friday and work is over for the week and all that jazz, but really it does suck a little.
It all started last night when I went to the movies to see Monster In Law (it was fine, not art but Jane Fonda is great) and grabbed some dinner before it started. I got my favourite Subway sandwich -- roast chicken, old English cheese, olives, jalepenos, pickles and Southwest sauce -- did a little shopping, then bought my popcorn to have during the movie. This morning I woke up feeling - and looking - like the Duff Blimp.

It's terrible really, because it means that either my favourite sandwich, or my love of movie popcorn is the cause of my nasty Duff Blimp Syndrome (medical acronym: 'DBS') that attacks me randomly and with much ferocity. It means that my jeans were too tight and uncomfortable at work, which made me forget that they had been feeling so comfy just days earlier at the height of my Weight Watchers success. The tightness of the jeans, coupled with my lack of weight loss this week, made me feel like a failure and that the whole thing could just go and jam itself. I was sick of feeling left out at work, like I do everyday because of the terrifying amount of junk food they eat constantly.

It was then that I gave in, and had BBQ. They'd thrown on some big BBQ party at work for lunch today, and I set out with the intention of not having anything. I would go home and have a soup and bread roll for very few points. I would just stick at it for a few more days until I saw better results. I would not think about the fact that I was in ALOT of pain, in my front and my back and my insides. But it didn't work.

I don't really think of it as cheating, or quitting the diet. You are free to think that if you must, it does seem pretty justified. But my reasoning is this: if I didn't break out and have something fun to eat today, I would have gone entirely mental and held up a McDonalds, demanding they hand over all their Big Macs as well as the recipe for blowjobs 'Special Sauce'. I think one break out in 2 weeks is reasonable, and it's a mind-boggling improvement on my usual behaviour. Tomorrow I am most definitely back on the proper diet, and no, that's not just something diet-quitters say... you'll see.

Much to my excitement last night I found 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind' on DVD for $20... sadly 'Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events' was $36, and I haven't paid that for a DVD since the 'Young Frankenstein' debacle of '04.