Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A couple Updates

Apparently, even though it's only 11:38 pm (by my estimation) in New York right now, Raven in NYC (AKA Mark) is already in Thursday, as his HNT pic is already up (and posted on Thursday...) and the bastard read my mind and put up a picture of his ear. This totally derails my plans to do the same. Otherwise I'd be the one being derivitive (and to his credit, he didn't know I was going to post my ear. I've just been sending too many crazy weird flesh vibes lately and he somehow went with his ear...).

Wow. That was almost bitchy. Mark has a really sexy neck and apologizes for his scruff, but his scruff is h-o-t hot. Now I must return to the drawing board.

Finally went to doctor again yesterday as, though flu symptoms abated, cough, fatigue and difficulty breathing continue to be as aggravating and painful as they've been the past six months.

It turns out this whole time I have NOT had bronchitis. I have pneumonia. Pneu-effing-monia. I'm fortunate I'm not dead after six months of such a glaring misdiagnosis.

My new meds have me completely knocked on my keister. I won't be back online until the pneumonia is gone or I'm dead.